This is the final installation for Brian Griffith's MFA in Experimental Sound Practices and Integrated Media at California Institute of the Arts.
All sound and video was created by Brian over the course of his two year residency.
Special Thanks to Clay Chaplin whose guidence and Max patch-ery has proven to be invaluable and inspiring. Also to Tom Leeser, whose vast wealth of information has been illuminating.
A shortened version of the piece will be on display at the JACCC from May 7th - 15th.

This piece explores time and its elasticity. The video and sound are comprised of different layers that independantly morph and change. The video uses video synth footage, cloudlapses, manipulated image sequences, and mundane daily scenes. The audio blends field recordings, modular synth ecosystems, intuitive bass loops, and noisey radio. The best way to view this is passivly—having it gently purr in the background and accompany your day. Most of the footage is slow and smooth, however, moments of glitching chaos do bubble up.
You are viewing a CRT television for its unique aethetic quality.